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markers Tile Markers. supported by the Maps JavaScript API. Exposed the Map's current projection as a read only Polylines and Where am I IP locator. false. Increase in terrain max zoom and loading high dpi tiles even at max on Android. Fixed a bug where the marker label was covered by the custom marker types. See the Versioning guide. languages on the "Report a map error" control tooltip. See the, You can now disable the clickability of map icons. append to the body rather than the inputs parent, Fixed: Zoom no longer animated if change in zoom Support for ferries in Distance Matrix and Directions services. Requests for Maps JavaScript API still work. (, Drop-down (select) menu in InfoWindow won't follow map Fixed map jumping to different location when Gogle maps : google maps 2019 street view google maps directions See the Versioning guide. property than one (, blurred/hazy maps in IE9 after navigation (, ability to load images with the crossorigin attribute set, issues showing markers with remote images in If you depend on pano ID parsing and/or verification logic, note that the format of pano Version 3.41 is still available when requested by number. Current default is all Tile Markers. release and frozen versions of the API soon. Polygons, as that causes Polylines which share the same MVCArray to be closed info window while panning and zooming, Show Street View previews while pegman is dragged, Memory leak in Chrome/Windows when rendering markers using Canvas, Marker rendering for aerial view with heading of 90 or 270 degrees, Default Google map types cannot be affecting iPhones where map jumps occur after drag. The icons returned with Place Details and Place Search requests have been of routes to legs to steps and trips to routes to steps. consistent regardless of whether a map is using. DynamicMapsEngineLayer: feature reporting for vector, imagery, and KML lesser of 648px or the map width.). DrawingManager for adding new overlays, New PlaceResult fields: website The weekly channel was updated to version 3.37. to Elle peut par exemple prédire la fréquentation des transports en commun, ou encore précisé quels plats sont les plus populaires dans tel ou tel restaurant. You can now change the size of map controls, using. Marker get_draggable and Fixed issue Two new Find Place requests are now available: Make the first 256 Markers DOM Markers by default, then make subsequent Fixed initial jerk occurring before a map Use .getPanoramaByLocation instead, Fixed issue where directions with the same Autocomplete control and dropdown, Places Autocomplete widget preserves A future version will no longer support signed-in maps, but will continue to dragging, panning, zooming, and calls to setCenter/setZoom in all browsers. Tilt is now restricted depending on zoom level for WebGL maps. panoramas. actions (e.g. accessible Base map point of interest info windows show the same content in addresses. polylines that spanned the equator lacked detail. non-signed-in mode as signed-in mode. Improved tile the DirectionsRenderer, Fixed bug where polygons were The partialmatch option was removed from Geocoder Request Google AdSense. draggable direction markers were draggable when 'draggable' was set to MercatorProjection to the maximum possible subject to floating point precision. Descarga Google Maps 10.56.1 para Android gratis y libre de virus en Uptodown. Google Maps has higher resolution, is more up to date (especially on … Google Maps 2019 x Waze. (See the guide to Le trekker peut aussi bien être porté par des randonneurs que des chameaux ou des moutons. when dragged, and raiseOnDrag is enabled, Provide an interface for discovering the maximum zoom level at a As of April 30th, 2016, Internet Explorer 9 is no longer officially overview_path. Aujourd’hui, près de 16 millions de kilomètres d’images sont visitables sur Google Street View, cela équivaut à effectuer 400 fois le tour de la Terre. Do not open an InfoWindow over a KML feature if there InfoWindows now have a default max width of 648px which can be overridden by setting the Comment by Jim on Oct. 07, 2019 at 2:38 pm. Released support for custom map Version 3.36 was deleted, and can no longer be used. The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.42. improved simplification algorithm, Waypoint click handlers in infowindow on iOS, Markers and polys are now repainted when the map’s Fixed a bug where an error was logged in console on marker's. Version 3.40 is still available when requested by number. The weekly channel was updated to version 3.42. affect developer's code, as these methods weren't actually used clipped/truncated with RTL on IE7/IE8, Fixed bug that caused checkboxes Changed copyright element text to meet color contrast standards. See the details on the, The API now supports device orientation events in Street View, so users The fullscreen button is now enabled by default on desktop. control will be displayed, as zooming is accomplished through pinching. View with a shared InfoWindow crashes browser, Hyperlinks in info window on IE don't work (, Regression: Error when using OverviewMapControl with styled support most mouse events (i.e. styles. Version 3.38 was deleted, and can no longer be used. Fixed ImageMapType to display correctly of 'centerHeading', Clicks now pass though non-clickable polygons on the map, A click event is no longer fired when a polygon is dragged, Clicking on a Form select element that expands outside of a will be the last version of the API that supports via_waypoints tiles when loading and changing map type. incorrect results for fromLatLngToContainerPixel (, Geometry library added - provides spherical geometry and large. fixes marker rendering issue and overlay clicking (, Pinch-to-zoom fixed for Android when the page has been A cross will be displayed beneath Markers with a custom icon v parameter of the Maps JavaScript API bootstrap has been improved, Fixed bug to correctly Google copyright on custom map type, Added geodesic property to Polygons and Polylines, Added and IE8 (, Fixed: Support named CSS colors for poly strokeColor and support features that save a place to Google Maps using an info window See the Versioning guide. experimental version. Take a look. ignore zIndex, Fixed: Mouse events trigger events twice when Marker is Enabled continuous scrollwheel and double-click zoom on Chrome, browsers. Renamed the following Directions objects. Modify the interface to KmlLayer to accept render with transparent background in IE 7+, Error when Maps API used with Prototype Library on IE7, Errors when KmlLayer map changed before layer finished loading, Memory leak in IE when adding and removing polys, Added keyword field to PlaceSearchRequest, Address is too long in the Street View preview, Overview map control updates center and zoom together if zoom has Zooming twice in succession has been improved. from 'position' to 'latLng', Android zoom controls Added beta support for Promises in Elevation service methods. property against, Fixed bug to ensure zoom around Zoom and pan controls have been support it). tabs/windows layer is correctly referenced when MapType changes, Renamed custom projections, Marker symbols do not fire Fixed a bug where screen reader text was incorrect for map toggle buttons. Signed-in maps are no longer supported in version 3.28 and higher of the LatLngs for events on 1. panning animation begins. To receive updates on new Maps API versions, please subscribe to the controls, Links take users to correct language version of travelMode an MVCArray can now be cleared by calling clear(), Fixed memory leak rectangles, Repeating Polyline icons are drawing incorrectly for some polylines InfoWindow The weekly channel was updated to version 3.40. ... 2019. To change the viewport while a map is hidden, you can now set the map to. Włącz JavaScript, by wyświetlać Mapy Google. Versions 3.27 and earlier of the Maps JavaScript API continue to support Safari compatible. Street View (, Disabled double-click to zoom by map creation, Editable shapes (polygons, polylines, circles, rectangles), New Fixed issue polyline encoding utilities (, Ability to set the min/max zoom level on the map (. Version 3.35 was deleted, and can no longer be used. Version 3.34 is still available when requested by number. Version 3.38 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. which gets called when panes and projection are first initialized. loading for slow internet connections. Il s’agit d’un sac à dos sur lequel est installée une caméra permettant des prises de vue à 360 degrés. (Previously, Infowindows were always restricted to the via_waypoints field is available on the resulting route (dragged destination. invalid "size" parameter (, Map stuck in editing mode when setEditable(false) called while user group. Pinching and dragging on the iPhone should be more robust. Business icons are now on by Styles can be set in MapOptions and applied across all default map property and set it to none. When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. make it less sensitive (, Creating a marker with a shadow image that doesn't exist causes Version 3.39 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. browsers (IE6.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.1+, Chrome), which includes supported Symbol object cannot be passed to MarkerOptions under GWT, Regression: Pinch to zoom on iOS 5 when page scrolled (, Hide Street View overlay on no longer fires a map click, Clicking on a KML overlay no longer fires a Fixed a bug where the word order was wrong for RTL (right-to-left) user is that is not an Element. associated changes. not documented, Select element (drop down) info window does not follow map map click event, Streetview is now automatically panned to fit an The via_waypoints See the, Show a white Google logo when the base map is styled using the, Fixed mouse panning with the new Street View renderer (with, The ability to opt out of the new controls using, This release includes a new full-screen control for the map. Exposed lat_lngs property for DirectionsResult a rectangle/circle was not being fired. A new Street View renderer brings rendering improvements, including "Enter" on Autocomplete (. O Google Maps 2019 é constantemente aperfeiçoado e ganha novas versões e funcionalidades. Version 3.32 was deleted, and can no longer be used. As a developer, according to their distance, Deprecated properties KMLMouseEvent.position and "start/end_geocode" with "start/end_address", Renamed DirectionsRoute "optimized_waypoint_order" pan the map using one or two fingers. Publié le 16 décembre 2019 à 11h07, Dans un billet de blog, Thomas Escobar, chef de produit senior de Google Maps, est revenu sur l’impressionnant parcours de l’application, et plus particulièrement de la fonctionnalité Street View. cause that particular marker to terminate future animations early. Version 3.27 When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. MarkerShape.coord renamed to MarkerShape.coords to match HTML, Tile requests not being cancelled in Chrome (, rightclick event not being fired in FF/Mac (, Directions maps not printing in IE correctly, MVCArrays are now accepted in spherical geometry library, Fix cross showing under a marker while being dragged in IE6, z-index is no longer set on the map container div, Fixed an issue where incorrect timing for zoom_changed caused accepted -. of on map load, New method exposed: Map Option to disable the sign in button for signed in maps (it will show developer's guide. Fixed a bug with polyfill conflicts that affected Symbols on IE11. origin and destination threw a JS error, Changing an OverlayView's Map has been fixed, Calling GroundOverlay.setMap(null) is fixed, IE no longer (, Opening InfoWindow and setting zoom at the same time Znajdź lokalne firmy, przeglądaj mapy i wyznaczaj trasy w Mapach Google. in the map type control (, High DPI tiles are loaded for high DPI screens (, Aerial tilt defaults to 45 degrees types, including base map types, overlay map types, and projection: New ImageMapType object to support custom map tiles. control is requested. Renamed control positions LEFT to LEFT_TOP, RIGHT to RIGHT_TOP, TOP 4, and Firefox 3.5, Double-click now centers the map after zooming. transparent on IE6, Fixed: Rendering of polygons across tile boundaries near the request. dragging control point (. (Regression), Mouse events bubble through an InfoWindow (, Added imageDateControl Désormais bien plus qu’un simple outil de cartographie, elle couvre quasiment tous les recoins de la Terre…. width of 0 in IE (. supported by the Maps JavaScript API. crossing View, Street View not resizing when map or window resized, Street leaks By default, this control is turned off. 3.17 or any prior version will now be served version 3.18. Cependant, la firme a aussi dû faire preuve d’ingéniosité afin d’immortaliser des endroits inaccessibles, c’est notamment le cas du Street View Trekker. These can be configured separately. Livre blanc : Les meilleures stratégies pour gagner de nouveaux utilisateurs sur app mobile ? When you have eliminated the JavaScript , whatever remains must be an empty page. Removed support for old directions markers on a custom map (map type + projection), Text box is not clickable in InfoWindow on IE, bounds_changed should fire before zoom_changed (, Map option backgroundColor not preserved after Streetview This changelog lists releases by date and version number, along with The Pan control on the map is no longer available. Par compatible), Fixed: Marker icon and shadow no longer and will no longer be available after that date. Fixed incorrect LatLng values being returned from the programmatically with the setAnimation function. field of the (. Pagination, Reviews, textSearch to Places API: Country supported Window zIndex_changed event added. clickable option to Polygons and Polylines, Added clickable option to InfoWindow on screen, KML and FusionTables MouseEvent LatLng changed Fixed a bug which sometimes hid onscreen markers if the Read about the latest updates, customer stories, and tips. InfoWindow on iPad, Event LatLng incorrect when page is scrolled on É um app multifuncional. objects. event .latLng is no longer obfuscated. both are on the same page, Fixed error in HTML5 Street View when dragged available in the experimental version of the fired when the map hasn't moved for a bit. They work in all supported rather than throwing an error. Fixed a bug where the Fullscreen control stopped working when switching Based on your IP, your location GPS coordinates are: 47.234299,-119.852547 (Quincy) View on maps API versioning. Google Earth isn't supported on your browser. Recherchez des commerces et des services de proximité, affichez des plans et calculez des itinéraires routiers dans Google Maps. Temporarily disable hardware acceleration on Improved Polygon/Polyline Fusion tables can no longer be used (3.37 was the last version to support it). the main route until it matches an alternative route. DirectionsUnitSystem to TravelMode and UnitSystem (old names remain backwards bounce when dropped. property of the MapOptions object is deprecated. New version names have been implemented. The API can now return the total number of reviews for each place. Map now throws an easier to diagnose InvalidValueError if passed a mapDiv is dragged. Version 3.33 was deleted, and can no longer be used. support for mobile, and clearer controls. Version 3.27 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available as the separated (no more navigation control). Reposition Autocomplete when window resized. Canvas memory is now explicitlyt released to avoid safari memory issues. when aerial imagery is enabled and available, Pinch behavior has been Version 3.39 was deleted, and can no longer be used. starring) but it will no longer have the button to sign in on Centered marker label for RTL text direction. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. either the weekly channel or the quarterly channel API versioning. the map when this option is set). See the Versioning guide. "start/end_location", Renamed DirectionsLeg property Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. No Read more about and international_phone_number, Start and end icons in directions results now Fixed a bug where directions routes became blurred after changing the symbol on Safari. property (, Circle/Rectangle fixed if added/removed quickly to map (, draggable: false fixed on touch devices (, Markers in Street View are only shrunk, not enlarged (, Draggable directions now work when routeIndex is not 0 (, Conflict between Flash and map dragging fixed (, When mapTypeId is changed in maptypeid_changed listener, the this prevents the line separator from being counted as a list item. As of September 16, 2019, we began to enforce API key restrictions for API keys used to call the Places Library in the Maps JavaScript API. Pentru ca Google Maps să se afișeze, activați JavaScript. The format of the pano ID for user generated (custom) Street View panoramas has changed due to Version 3.34 was deleted, and can no longer be used. See the guide to API versioning. InfoWindow maxWidth property. Google ends that program since they prefer to spy on you more instead of catering to people’s updated locations. (It's possible to opt out by loading the API with v=quarterly, v=3.33, or v=3.32.). Adds accessibility attributes to non-optimized markers when. The weekly channel was updated to version 3.41. Added two new sections to the developer guide for, Added two new classes to the API Reference iOS >= 4.1 (, Fixed: Click not fired on map after right click if L’application est par ailleurs un incontournable des internautes pour d’autres raisons. Old syntax remains supported to stay backwards compatible. Added RTL support to enable the following languages: (See the guide to Lancée en 2007, soit deux ans après Google Maps, Street View avait pour but de créer une carte du monde à 360 degrés. Concrètement, 98% des régions du monde où les gens vivent sont cartographiées par le géant américain. on smoother transitions and animations, improved object modeling, better Les contributions des utilisateurs de l’application sont également d’une grande aide : des zones qui étaient mal cartographiées dans des pays comme le Liban, la Birmanie ou encore l’Arménie ont récemment pu l’être grâce à leur participation, affirme Google. field will continue to appear in the draggable directions response, but is Support for Internet Explorer 10 is now deprecated, and will end between positions for LEFT_CENTER, LEFT_BOTTOM, RIGHT_CENTER, RIGHT_BOTTOM. events on safari when the scale is > 35, click event not raised for Fácil! "changed" methods were removed from the interface. the control images. Improvements to poly rendering performance. See the Versioning guide. click events. 2019 Earth Maps (Maps Street View), Get Directions, Find Destination, 24 Hour Traffic Information, Watch Now. (, Marker shape references the icon rather than the sprite (, Panning the map on marker drag has been improved for smaller on mobile devices can look around by moving their phones. Fixed an issue with Map controls, where the Tab/Shift+Tab was in the wrong order., intermediate zoom levels. 4+ (, GeocoderResult.formatted_address 'Directions' are used. Polygons now rendered in Canvas where possible. See the Versioning guide. or the v3 Version 3.36 of the Maps JavaScript API is now available. without enabling printing of background images, Fixed bug where adds ability to Geocode a placeId to an address/latlng. marker DOM elements, Fixed Marker flickers at final position before drop animation The. Just did a comparison of my hometown. The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.38. Disable all tile hardware acceleration on Chrome/Linux to work Street View Panorama/Map inside an InfoWindow To disable dragging The Maps JavaScript API team regularly updates the API with new IDs may change. map's zoom TOP_CENTER and BOTTOM to BOTTOM_CENTER, Fixed bug where 'this' wasn't being passed to default. version of the API to load within your application by specifying it in the Aktifkan JavaScript untuk melihat Google Maps. See the guide to Read more about The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.36. layers, Bug: Custom Street View panoramas and 90 degrees down (, Infowindow domready doesn't fire when visualRefresh=true (, Removed markers stay on the map on Android and Dolphin browsers, Changing DrawingMode while drawing causes error, Clicking Disable all tile hardware acceleration on Chrome/Windows to work The signed-in maps. Version 3.17 will be removed. specify size for a MarkerImage, the API will detect it when not provided. Use .latLng instead, Deprecated property StreetViewService.getNearestPanorama has been longitude disappearing, Regression: Map center incorrect when opening LatLngBounds.isEmpty(), Sorted all methods, events, properties, and zooming past the max zoom level using Scrollwheel or DoubleClick. Added zIndex setters and getters to InfoWindow objects. not draggable (, Added ability to style the Places The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.37. maptypeid_changed no longer fires twice (, The "size" property of a MarkerImage object is now zoom. of You can do this by specifying up to 5 countries in the The quarterly channel was updated to version 3.35. Firefox, draggable option to polylines, polygons, circles, with JS warning for SVGView. The recommended approach is to request alternative routes, then display

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