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Temperature extremes here have slightly more variability due to the more inland location. [46] In late 2018, it was announced that Belfast would undergo a £500 million urban regeneration project known as "Tribeca" on a large city centre site. [159], Peace has boosted the numbers of tourists coming to Belfast. Bus and rail public transport in Northern Ireland is operated by subsidiaries of Translink. Initial raids were a surprise as the city was believed to be outside of the range of German bomber planes. [52] Belfast is represented in both the British House of Commons and in the Northern Ireland Assembly. For elections to the European Parliament, Belfast was within the Northern Ireland constituency. Shipbuilding was also a key industry; the Harland and Wolff shipyard, which built the RMS Titanic, was the world's largest shipyard. Black taxis are common in the city, operating on a share basis in some areas. Broadcasting only over the Internet is Homely Planet, the Cultural Radio Station for Northern Ireland, supporting community relations.[203]. europeu para a paz", que terá início em 11 de Abril. It is served by two airports: George Best Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport 15 miles (24 km) west of the city. The two MPs Belfast returned to Dublin had remained nominees of the Chichesters (Marquesses of Donegall). [176] The team currently plays in the Down Senior County League.[212]. The improvement scheme was completed five months ahead of schedule in February 2009, with the official opening taking place on 4 March 2009.[180]. Belfast (traduction en anglais) Artiste: Indochine; Chanson: Belfast 2 traductions; Traductions : anglais, portugais traduction en anglais anglais. enthusiastically studied investment opportunities. In February 2006, Belfast's unemployment rate stood at 4.2%, lower than both the Northern Ireland[154] and the UK average of 5.5%. Sectarian tension was not in itself unique to Belfast: it was shared with Liverpool and Glasgow, cities that following the Great Famine had also experienced large scale Irish Catholic immigration. Translate texts with the world's best machine translation technology, developed by the creators of Linguee. "That's because [of] the fundamentals of the UK economy and [because] people actually want to invest in the UK," he commented on that report.[163]. The first Lord Mayor of Belfast was Daniel Dixon, who was elected in 1892. Belfast is divided into four Northern Ireland Assembly and UK parliamentary constituencies: Belfast North, Belfast West, Belfast South and Belfast East. [87] Major arterial roads (quality bus corridor) into the city include the Antrim Road, Shore Road, Holywood Road, Newtownards Road, Castlereagh Road, Cregagh Road, Ormeau Road, Malone Road, Lisburn Road, Falls Road, Springfield Road, Shankill Road, and Crumlin Road, Four Winds. Given the progressive enlargement of the British electoral franchise, this would have had an overwhelming Catholic majority and, it was widely believed, interests inimical to the Protestant and industrial north. preparatórios da conferência sobre luta contra a discriminação, Mr Le Foll then indicated that the Atlantic Arc. Popular Europeu que pôde testemunhar os acontecimentos históricos desse dia especial. Segregation has been present throughout the history of Belfast but has been maintained and increased by each outbreak of violence in the city. Most of Belfast's water is supplied via the Aquarius pipeline from the Silent Valley Reservoir in County Down, created to collect water from the Mourne Mountains. [211] In May 2020, the foundation of East Belfast GAA returned Gaelic Games to unionist East Belfast after decades of its absence in the area. Rivers of Belfast". Capital and chief port of Northern Ireland, This article is about the capital of Northern Ireland. [51] Since 1973 it has been a local government district under local administration by Belfast City Council. [67] In an average year the warmest day will rise to a temperature of 25.0 °C (77.0 °F)[68] with a day of 25.1 °C (77.2 °F) or above occurring roughly once every two in three years. The crisis was abated by the onset of the Great War, the sacrifices of the UVF in which continue to be commemorated in the city (Somme Day) by unionist and loyalist organisations. Belfast harbour was dredged in 1845 to provide deeper berths for larger ships. The Belfast Health & Social Care Trust is one of five trusts that were created on 1 April 2007 by the Department of Health. Weather station is located 12.6 miles (20.3 km) from the Belfast city centre. Rapid industrial growth in the nineteenth century drew in landless Catholics from outlying rural and western districts, most settling to the west of the town. Belfast 1. Belfast was the home town of Manchester United legend George Best who died in November 2005. The Belfast City Council area in the 2011 census. [63] The highest temperature recorded at any official weather station in the Belfast area was 30.8 °C (87.4 °F) at Shaw's Bridge on 12 July 1983. It played an important role in the Industrial Revolution in Ireland, becoming briefly the biggest linen-producer in the world, earning it the nickname "Linenopolis". Translate Belfast. Apart from London, this was the greatest loss of life in a night raid during the Blitz. [49] Tourist numbers have increased since the end of The Troubles, boosted in part by newer attractions such as Titanic Belfast and tours of locations used in the HBO television series Game of Thrones.[50]. Census figures (2011) showed that Belfast has a total non-white population of 10,219 or 3.3%,[141] while 18,420 or 6.6%[140] of the population were born outside the UK and Ireland. In 1920–21, as the two parts of Ireland drew apart, up to 500 people were killed in disturbances in Belfast, the bloodiest period of strife in the city until the Troubles of the late 1960s onwards. The Cathedral Quarter takes its name from St Anne's Cathedral (Church of Ireland) and has taken on the mantle of the city's key cultural locality. [194], In 2004–05, art and cultural events in Belfast were attended by 1.8 million people (400,000 more than the previous year). The current club president is Irish-language enthusiast Linda Ervine who comes from a unionist background in the area. A seasonal sailing to Douglas, Isle of Man is operated by the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. [145] It provided a market for the surrounding countryside and the natural inlet of Belfast Lough gave the city its own port. As notas de nível A não são especificadas, no entanto o, Mr President, a version of the envisaged North of Ireland Assembly has, Senhor Presidente, uma versão da tão ansiada Assembleia da Irlanda do Norte, It will reinforce the competitiveness of the European industry and considerably reduce the, Reforçará a competitividade da indústria europeia e reduzirá consideravelmente a taxa de, The initiative must be a "signal for hope and against violence and deprivation", the, A iniciativa deverá constituir um "sinal para a paz e contra a violência e a privação", declarou a. As with the vast majority of the rest of Ireland, Belfast has a temperate oceanic climate (Cfb in the Köppen climate classification), with a narrow range of temperatures and rainfall throughout the year. [173] The Royal Victoria Hospital is an internationally renowned centre of excellence in trauma care and provides specialist trauma care for all of Northern Ireland. The Forest of Belfast is a partnership between government and local groups, set up in 1992 to manage and conserve the city's parks and open spaces. to "co-operate to promote the economic and social development of those areas of both parts of Ireland which have suffered most severely from the consequences of the instability of recent years" and "to consider the possibility of securing international support for this work". The most recent example of this conflict was known as the Troubles – a civil conflict that raged from around 1969 to 1998. Musicians and bands who have written songs about or dedicated to Belfast include Now known as Shorts Bombardier it works as an international aircraft manufacturer located near the Port of Belfast. ¿Comó se traduce Belfast en inglés? The Harland and Wolff shipyard has two of the largest dry docks in Europe,[105] where the giant cranes, Samson and Goliath stand out against Belfast's skyline. lida agora com assuntos locais de gente local. The average warmest day at Aldergrove for example will reach a temperature of 25.4 °C (77.7 °F),[73] (1.0 °C [1.8 °F] higher than Stormont) and 2.1 days[74] should attain a temperature of 25.1 °C (77.2 °F) or above in total. In 2007, Belfast saw house prices grow by 50%, the fastest rate of growth in the UK. signalling improvement and replacement of old jointed tracks with continuous welded rail. [41] Loyalist paramilitaries including the UVF and the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) said that the killings they carried out were in retaliation for the IRA campaign. I don't dare to see you here. [167] The rest of the city's water is sourced from Lough Neagh, via Dunore Water Treatment Works in County Antrim. – CityMetric", "CAIN: Violence: List of Significant Violent Incidents", "Linenopolis: The Linen Quarter of Belfast | Connolly Cove |", "BBC – History – Belfast's golden age of shipbuilding", "Historical Internal Migration in Ireland". The 2001 census population in the same Urban Area had fallen to 277,391[127] people, with 579,554 people living in the wider Belfast Metropolitan Area. The zoo is one of the top visitor attractions in Northern Ireland, receiving more than 295,000 visitors a year. It is the 12th-largest city in the United Kingdom and the second-largest on the island of Ireland. Belfast has a longstanding underground club scene which was established in the early 1980s.[197]. There are a number of Irish language Primary schools and one secondary school in Belfast. [208] Since his death the City Airport was named after him and a trust has been set up to fund a memorial to him in the city centre. On the day he was buried in the city, 100,000 people lined the route from his home on the Cregagh Road to Roselawn cemetery. A A. Belfast. [88], Belfast city centre is divided into two postcode districts, BT1 for the area lying north of the City Hall, and BT2 for the area to its south. Many ex-NHL players have featured on the Giants roster, none more famous than world superstar Theo Fleury. [132], As with many cities, Belfast's inner city is currently characterised by the elderly, students and single young people, while families tend to live on the periphery. [36], Belfast was heavily bombed during World War II. [15], An alternative interpretation of the name, "mouth of [the river] of the sandbar", would allude to the River Farset, which flows into the Lagan where the sandbar was located. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. The city is the headquarters of BBC Northern Ireland, ITV station UTV and commercial radio stations Q Radio and U105. [14] The Irish name Béal Feirste is shared by a County Mayo townland which has the anglicised name Belfarsad. a violência tendia a ocorrer em determinadas zonas da cidade, em especial áreas, The plant is being built in Meath, 30 kilometres north of Dublin and close, A unidade está a ser construída em Meath, a 30 quilómetros a norte de Dublin e perto, Parliament Information Conference entitled "Implementing Europe's Programme, informativa do Parlamento Europeu intitulada "A aplicação do programa. With a population of almost 300,000 in the city proper, Belfast has grown into a cosmopolitan destination and become a popular weekend break spot. Other major developments include the regeneration of the Titanic Quarter, and the erection of the Obel Tower, a skyscraper set to be the tallest tower on the island. a peace process, including the devolution of powers to a Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive Committee, which were set up at the end of 1999. The 1999 Heineken Cup champions Ulster Rugby play at Ravenhill Stadium in the south of the city. [216] Belfast remained a small settlement of little importance during the Middle Ages. The 2017–18 Irish League champions Crusaders are based at Seaview, in the north of the city. The provision of certain resources for these schools (for example, such as the provision of textbooks) is supported by the charitable organisation TACA. Walking tour in Spanish around Belfast quarters ideal for small groups. [179] A road improvement-scheme in Belfast began early in 2006, with the upgrading of two junctions along the Westlink dual-carriageway to grade-separated standard. The same year, 80,000 people participated in culture and other arts activities, twice as many as in 2003–04. of work on the gas interconnector with Scotland. 5.23% had some knowledge of Ulster-Scots; and. Belfast is home to one of the biggest British ice hockey clubs, the Belfast Giants. We will talk about history, politics, art, and we will be also delighted to give you some suggestions for the rest of your stay in Belfast and surroundings. BBC Radio 4's World reported furthermore that despite higher levels of corporation tax in the UK than in the Republic. Além do sector dos transportes, os projectos de. This rise slowed and peaked around the start of the Troubles with the 1971 census showing almost 600,000 people in the Belfast Urban Area. From the Victorian Botanic Gardens in the heart of the city to the heights of Cave Hill Country Park, the great expanse of Lagan Valley Regional Park[109] to Colin Glen, Belfast contains an abundance of parkland and forest parks. O Conselho Europeu saúda calorosamente o acordo, sua decisiva aprovação através dos referendos. [59] Superseded by the River Lagan as the more important river in the city, the Farset now languishes in obscurity, under High Street. Use o Tradutor DeepL para traduzir textos e documentos instantaneamente. [64], The city gets significant precipitation (greater than 1mm) on 157 days in an average year with an average annual rainfall of 846 millimetres (33.3 in),[65] less than areas of northern England or most of Scotland,[64] but higher than Dublin or the south-east coast of Ireland.

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